How far in advance should I book a Van courier?
It depends on how tight the deadline is. If you want a job delivered for 10am – no later, book it the day before and take advice from the telephonist on what time it needs to be ready. If the item just needs to get there that day, book it when it’s ready, or almost ready. There are peak times when delays will be higher, again ask the telephonist if there are any delays.
Can you supply extra labour ?
Can I travel in the vehicle ?
Yes! our vans have two passenger seats available,Three including the drivers, although if you have booked a two man removal crew there will only be one free passneger seat available.
When do you start charging for London removals ?
Charging begins when the vehicle arrives at the collection address and loading commences - (We do not charge to travel to you)
Does my quote include congestion charge or toll roads?
No, customers will be levied £11.50 for any vehicle that enters the London Congestion charging zone - click here
Do you work on Sundays ?
Yes we do! In fact Sunday is one of the best days to book our services as parking restrictions are relaxed and travelling through London is less congested, also (No Congestion charge)
Can i move after working hours after 17:30hrs
Yes! we can tailor a move to suit you and your schedule, from late evenings to early mornings, we can be there. (Book after 18.30 = No Congestion charge)
What should i do about parking permits?
Do you dismantle / assemble furniture?
Yes we do! drivers carry standard tools onboard, ie, screwdrivers, spanners, allan keys
How many men will i need ?
Please, consider to select at least 2 men if there are heavy or large items or stairs are involved.
PRICES: SWB Transit van and Man hire