Parking in London

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In order for us to park outside your home or office it is advisable for you to arrange any necessary permits or waivers for the suspension of parking bays.

These can be arranged in advance by calling the Parking Division of the relevant borough councils, usually the day before your move.

You will need the licence number of the vehicle when you arrange the permit, which we will provide you with when your booking is made.

The Parking Division should then issue you with a reference number; pass this number, and the name of the person/s with whom you arranged the permit, on to your driver.

We realise that this seems a complicated process, but this information will help us appeal against any Penalty Charge Notices issued in error (yes, it does happen).

Unfortunately, if you do not arrange a parking waiver or permit in advance, and our driver incurs a PCN, we will have to pass this cost on to you.

The current minimum fine for a PCN is £60.

Loading & Unloading

There are specific circumstances under which a vehicle may load or unload on a yellow line.
A vehicle may load or unload on a yellow line for an unlimited period before 11am and for a maximum of 20 minutes afterwards, except where white signs and yellow kerb markings indicate 'no loading'.

  • Loading must be continuous
  • The vehicle must not be left unattended
  • The vehicle must move on instruction from the police or a parking attendant
  • Red routes
  • For further information about parking dispensations, please call TFL on 0845 603 4545


(Below are the links to London borough council websites)




In special circumstances parking rules can be relaxed,, for example if you are moving house, making a bulky delivery or building.

You have to get permission first - it's called a vehicle dispensation.

You need a dispensation

  • To load or unload for longer than a bay's time limit
  • To park on red lines during restricted hours

If you want to apply for a red route dispensation you should contact us as early as possible. We need at least five working days to process your application.

Find out how to apply for a vehicle dispensation.

Discussing a dispensation

If you want more information about a dispensation for a particular area you can contact us by:
Phone: 0343 222 3333
08:30-17:00 Monday to Friday
Post or fax:
see details above




Congestion charge zone

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Airport Minibus London

You have to pay an £11.50 daily charge if you drive between 07:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday in the Congestion Charge zone.

There is no charge on weekends, public holidays, between Christmas Day and New Year's Day inclusive, or between 18:00 and 07:00 on weekdays.

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